Everyone Deserves Access to Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway

Prop I is the only measure on the San Francisco ballot this November that ensures access for all to Golden Gate Park and prevents the permanent closure of the Great Highway.

JFKRoad_0043.jpgThe city closed JFK Drive and the Great Highway to cars during the pandemic as a temporary measure, but these closures have hurt people with disabilities, seniors, and families. The closures have also pushed traffic into our neighborhoods, turning small local streets into high-traffic roads.

Prop I will move cars back to major roadways and off local streets that are not designed for high-volume traffic, reducing accidents and pollution and improving pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Prop I will ensure that people with disabilities, seniors, families, and those who do not live close by have access to Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach.

Prop I is a compromise, allowing shared and equitable access to Golden Gate Park, with JFK Drive remaining closed to cars on Sundays, holidays, and both spring and summer Saturdays, as pre-pandemic.

The closure of JFK Drive has eliminated nearly 1,000 free public parking spaces in Golden Gate Park, including ADA parking spaces closest to beloved destinations, such as the Conservatory of Flowers, deYoung Museum, and California Academy of Sciences.


Driving is the only realistic choice for San Franciscans, especially families from further neighborhoods such as Bayview, Hunters Point, Excelsior, and Crocker-Amazon. The same is true for seniors and disabled people, who lack adequate alternatives for park access. The car ban has effectively shut many of them out of Golden Gate Park without a viable alternative.

The Great Highway also faces the risk of permanent closure that voters never agreed to. Before the pandemic, nearly 20,000 drivers per day used the Great Highway to commute to and from work, school, the VA Hospital, and more. Prop I guarantees it will remain open as an essential roadway in San Francisco.

It’s time to restore access for all. Prop I reopens the Great Highway and restores Sunday, holiday, and partial Saturday closures of JFK Drive to allow equitable access to Golden Gate Park.