• No. This initiative was a temporary Emergency Order instituted while park attractions and businesses were closed under a public health order. The closures were set to expire 120 days after the City’s COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. JFK Drive was supposed to return to only Sunday, holidays, and some Saturday closures. With the City returning to normal and businesses fully reopened, San Franciscans need access to those roads more than ever.

    不是,該措施是在公園景點和企業根據公共衛生命令關閉時頒布的臨時緊急命令。在三藩市的 COVID-19 限制解除後 120 天,應該不再全面關閉。甘迺迪大道原本應該只在週日、假日和一些週六關閉。隨著三藩市恢復正常和商業全面重新開放,三藩市人比以往任何時候都更需要使用這些道路。

  • These are key arteries used by first responders to quickly respond to emergencies and transport patients to hospitals across the City. The closure has made it harder for San Francisco firefighters and paramedics to access a critical passage in emergencies when seconds can mean life or death. The Great Highway also provides essential access for veterans who receive care at the VA Hospital. 



  • No, in fact, the closure of these main roads has only diverted traffic into the surrounding neighborhoods. To encourage San Franciscans to utilize alternative modes of transportation, there needs to be accessible and reliable options. As it is now, many people still need to drive to access many of the attractions in Golden Gate Park. The Great Highway is used by nearly 20,000 vehicles a day to go to work, school, and the VA Hospital. The closures are simply cutting off essential access and pushing that traffic onto small neighborhood streets that were not designed to handle the heavy influx of cars. 

    不是,事實上,這些主要道路的關閉只是將交通分流到周邊社區。為了鼓勵三藩市人使用替代交通方式,這需要有方便且可靠的選擇。就像現在一樣,許多人仍然需要開車才能進入金門公園的許多景點。大公路每天有近 20,000 輛汽車駛去上班、上學和退伍軍人醫院。關閉道路只是切斷了必要的通道,並將交通推向了原本不適合處理大量汽車湧入的社區小街道。

  • This is a concern in all of San Francisco, not just JFK Drive and the Great Highway. But the fact is, the City has already implemented safety precautions for bicyclists and pedestrians on JFK Drive. In 2012, The SFMTA implemented San Francisco’s first parking-protected bikeway. This reduced the speed of cars, improved crosswalks, and created a wide bike lane protected from moving vehicles while preserving protected space on wide adjacent pathways for pedestrians and joggers. In fact, closing JFK Drive fully to cars has resulted in more accidents between bicyclists and pedestrians. The Great Highway was designed with protected bike lanes and pedestrian pathways. The closures have also proven dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians on adjacent streets because of car traffic diverted to other roads. 



    但事實是,三藩市已經對甘迺迪大道上的單車人士和行人實施了安全預防措施。 2012年,三藩市交通局實施了三藩市第一條有泊車保護的單車道。這降低了汽車的速度,改善了過馬路的安全,並創造了一條寬闊的單車道,保護他們不被車輛撞到,同時為行人和慢跑者保留了寬闊的相鄰通道上的受保護空間。事實上,完全禁止甘迺迪大道汽車通行已導致單車人士和行人之間發生更多事故。



  • According to the controller statement, the estimated cost of keeping the Great Highway will vary depending on which proposal the City moves forward with. Regardless of which proposal moves forward, public resources will need to be allocated for the project. It's important for the City to continue engaging the public on the future of this essential access road to decide which alternative to pursue, all of which vary in design, time and cost.

    The City has proposed closing and removing the Great Highway Extension and converting it into a park. This is part of a plan to protect the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant from the effects of coastal erosion. The City does not need to close any part of the Great Highway to respond to coastal erosion, and has multiple viable options under consideration, with most options preserving full or partial use of the Great Highway Extension. Closure costs us far more in traffic delays, congestion and air pollution by diverting traffic into local neighborhood streets. 



  • The City has proposed closing and removing the Great Highway Extension as part of a project still under consideration. The City has not adopted any formal plan at this time — only a proposal. The proposal still requires a final Environmental Impact Report (EIR), City approval, a permit from the California Coastal Commission, and secured funding, amongst many other necessary steps. 

    作為仍在考慮中的項目的一部分,三藩市已提議關閉和拆除大公路的擴建部分。目前,三藩市尚未通過任何正式計劃,現在這仍只是一個方案。該方案仍需要最終的環境影響報告 (EIR)、市府批准、加州海岸委員會的許可,以及獲得資金,以及許多其他必要步驟。