No. This initiative was a temporary Emergency Order instituted while park attractions and businesses were closed under a public health order. The closures were set to expire 120 days after the City’s COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. JFK Drive was supposed to return to only Sunday, holidays, and some Saturday closures. With the City returning to normal and businesses fully reopened, San Franciscans need access to those roads more than ever.

不是,該措施是在公園景點和企業根據公共衛生命令關閉時頒布的臨時緊急命令。在三藩市的 COVID-19 限制解除後 120 天,應該不再全面關閉。甘迺迪大道原本應該只在週日、假日和一些週六關閉。隨著三藩市恢復正常和商業全面重新開放,三藩市人比以往任何時候都更需要使用這些道路。