The City has proposed closing and removing the Great Highway Extension as part of a project still under consideration. The City has not adopted any formal plan at this time — only a proposal. The proposal still requires a final Environmental Impact Report (EIR), City approval, a permit from the California Coastal Commission, and secured funding, amongst many other necessary steps. 

作為仍在考慮中的項目的一部分,三藩市已提議關閉和拆除大公路的擴建部分。目前,三藩市尚未通過任何正式計劃,現在這仍只是一個方案。該方案仍需要最終的環境影響報告 (EIR)、市府批准、加州海岸委員會的許可,以及獲得資金,以及許多其他必要步驟。