Vote No on Prop J to stop the permanent closure of JFK Drive and restore access to Golden Gate Park for seniors, people with disabilities, families, and residents throughout San Francisco.

The city closed JFK Drive to cars 24/7 during the pandemic as a temporary measure, but now it’s time to restore access for all. We must return to closures only on Sundays, holidays, and some Saturdays to allow for equitable access and use of Golden Gate Park.

JFKRoad_0040.jpgThe road closures in Golden Gate Park eliminated nearly 1,000 free parking spaces, including ADA parking spaces, and blocked essential access. By closing more roads in Golden Gate Park to cars, visitors are forced to drive and park on residential streets near the park, disrupting nearby neighborhoods and creating unsafe conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists.

JFK Drive has protected bike lanes and wide pedestrian pathways on both sides of the road and recreational trails. This isn’t about being pro-bike or pro-car; it’s about keeping everyone safe and ensuring Golden Gate Park is accessible for all.

Because of these closures, families, seniors, and people with disabilities have reduced access to Golden Gate Park and the museums and attractions in it. Attendance at these institutions has suffered significantly. As we emerge from the pandemic, we need to support our arts and cultural institutions, which is critical to the economic recovery of San Francisco.

That’s why advocates for seniors and people with disabilities are joining together with neighborhood activists and city leaders to urge you to vote No on Prop J.  Restore access for all.