No, in fact, the closure of these main roads has only diverted traffic into the surrounding neighborhoods. To encourage San Franciscans to utilize alternative modes of transportation, there needs to be accessible and reliable options. As it is now, many people still need to drive to access many of the attractions in Golden Gate Park. The Great Highway is used by nearly 20,000 vehicles a day to go to work, school, and the VA Hospital. The closures are simply cutting off essential access and pushing that traffic onto small neighborhood streets that were not designed to handle the heavy influx of cars. 

不是,事實上,這些主要道路的關閉只是將交通分流到周邊社區。為了鼓勵三藩市人使用替代交通方式,這需要有方便且可靠的選擇。就像現在一樣,許多人仍然需要開車才能進入金門公園的許多景點。大公路每天有近 20,000 輛汽車駛去上班、上學和退伍軍人醫院。關閉道路只是切斷了必要的通道,並將交通推向了原本不適合處理大量汽車湧入的社區小街道。