This is a concern in all of San Francisco, not just JFK Drive and the Great Highway. But the fact is, the City has already implemented safety precautions for bicyclists and pedestrians on JFK Drive. In 2012, The SFMTA implemented San Francisco’s first parking-protected bikeway. This reduced the speed of cars, improved crosswalks, and created a wide bike lane protected from moving vehicles while preserving protected space on wide adjacent pathways for pedestrians and joggers. In fact, closing JFK Drive fully to cars has resulted in more accidents between bicyclists and pedestrians. The Great Highway was designed with protected bike lanes and pedestrian pathways. The closures have also proven dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians on adjacent streets because of car traffic diverted to other roads. 



但事實是,三藩市已經對甘迺迪大道上的單車人士和行人實施了安全預防措施。 2012年,三藩市交通局實施了三藩市第一條有泊車保護的單車道。這降低了汽車的速度,改善了過馬路的安全,並創造了一條寬闊的單車道,保護他們不被車輛撞到,同時為行人和慢跑者保留了寬闊的相鄰通道上的受保護空間。事實上,完全禁止甘迺迪大道汽車通行已導致單車人士和行人之間發生更多事故。